Who is projected to win the presidential election

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++ AP: Trump projected winner of US presidential election - live updates ++

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Jair Bolsonaro: Far-right candidate wins Brazil poll

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May 27,  · I made my first prediction for the election in November, at which time I predicted, as now, that the Republicans would win if the economy turned out as currently expected.

U.S. Presidential Election Odds 2020

If you are someone who is enamored by the election cycle & enjoys the frenzy that comes with election night, you’ll want check out the entertainment odds at Bovada Sportsbook as well as the primary odds at 5Dimes.

Both books. May 27,  · Finally, the state of the economy: A good economy at the time of the election has a positive effect on votes for the incumbent party candidate.

The economic variables that matter are the rate of inflation and output (GDP) growth.

Who won the 2016 US Presidential Election - Live Results

Nov 07,  · See which states Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to win in the Electoral College, based on the most recent polls This Map Shows Who Would Win the Election If It Were Held Today Subscribe.

Nov 09,  · As a rule, when our estimated margin is steady, our forecast is more trustworthy. Likely Electoral Outcomes The chart below shows the.

Reuters built a computer model to predict which political party will win the presidency in next year’s election, and the results are in: a Republican will most likely be .

Who is projected to win the presidential election
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U.S. Presidential Election Betting Odds - Odds On Next President