Uxo ied 9 line report

Common Tasks and Warrior Tasks

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Does any one know what a Nine Line Report is for I.E.D?

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React to Unexploded Ordnance Hazards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Immediate, Indirect, Work, No Threat. This GTA is a panel smart card on synthetic material provides information on the Vehicle Search, 9-Line MEDEVAC Requests, Escalation of Force (EOF), 9-Line IED/SALT Reports, Detainee Operations, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Law of War, Key to Defeating IED Threats, Identifying IEDs, 5 and Meter Scan, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and.

NCO Leader’s Book Forms Listing – Basic Book 1. Schedules a. Appointments - (Form IB) IED/UXO Report – 9-Line - (Form IB) i. IED / UXO Report/Shell Report (Crater Analysis) - Laminated - (Form IB) j. Standard 9-line UXO Report Line 1: Date time group discovered: (Command policy will dictate Local or Line 9: Recommended Priority: (Immediate, Indirect, Minor, or No Threat).


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Location of the pick-up site. Line 2. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix. (UXO) An Overview October (UXO): October CONTENTS Section Title Page FOREWORD INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW OF UXO Types of UXO propeller to line up all the fuze parts and thus arm the fuze.

The fuzes may be configured as impact, proximity, or delay fuzes. Need help finding some efmb 9line/uxo scenarios I'm trying to find some examples to hand out so folks can practice writing a 9 line and a uxo report.

I didn't think finding such examples would prove to be so hard thus the user name. When I did a mounted react to IED lane, all I had was a CONOP from the S3 and a route for the convoy. Full text of "IED Smart Cards" See other formats Unclassified/For Official Use Only IED/UXO Report Line 1.

DATE-TIME GROUP: When the item was discovered. Line 2. REPORT ACTIVITY AND LOCATION: Unit and grid location of the IED/UXO. Line 3. CONTACT METHOD: Radio frequency, call sign, POC, and telephone number.

Uxo ied 9 line report
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