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Jul 29,  · "Suika" is a very unusual game structurally as it eschews traditional route based design and rather tells its story in four interconnected chapters, with each one having a different protagonist and different heroines.

We finally return to the shoes of Inaba Hiroshi, whom we have already met in the prologue. thus I made my own Author: beliar. Jul 04,  · Finally if you are just here for a quick platinum, see my complete game walkthrough here: Part 1, Part 2.

I recommend you experience the game without following a guide though, as it is a great one. I recommend you experience the game without following a guide though, as it is a great one.

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Oct 23,  · Chapter 1 Courtesy Call, Chapter 2 Cold Boot, Chapter 3 The Return, Chapter 4 The Surprise, Chapter 5 The Escape, Chapter 6 The Fall, Co-op Walkthrough.

Sep 01,  · Download Samsung 2g tool latest setup for windows. Which allows you to unlock your samsung mobile phones easily. Here we share,s the most updated and free downloading link of this tool, which allows you to download this awesome tool free and fast. Oct 04,  · I have a weakness for sister routes, so I was excited the moment I saw the file name.

I also love situations where the MC pretends to be the person they are in the body of. Ususally that is cut short to progress the story, but I like to see it included in at least some respect regardless.

The doll was possessed by an evil spirit, who brainwashed Akane into killing her father when he realized that the doll was evil, and tried to destroy it. Some time after this, the doll sucked out Akane's soul, killing her.

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