An introduction to using irradiation to make food safer for consumers

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Chemical Contamination of Food

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In a publication, Eustice and Bruhn () concluded that “Despite the progress made in the introduction of irradiated foods into the marketplace, many consumers and even highly placed policy-makers around the world are still unaware of the effectiveness, safety, and functional benefits that irradiation can bring to foods.

Organic food

Education and skilled marketing efforts are needed to remedy this lack. The vast majority of consumers don't care and those that do care become increasingly supportive when they understand that irradiation is a USDA/FDA approved process endorsed by virtually every health and scientific group in the world to make food safer or protect our agriculture from unwanted pests.

Introduction. A primary challenge in the 21st Century is to minimize food safety risk to consumers as the scientific complexity of food grows, and as trade, regulation, new health threats, and consumption patterns continue to change, particularly with respect to the global food supply.

consumers, and the media, concerning the nature of food irradiation and its effects on food, its benefits and disadvantages, and, perhaps most important of all, its safety. In fact, most "aware" consumers named food irradiation when asked to name processes used to make food safer (this was before the term was introduced by the moderator), and many "unaware" consumers had "heard of" irradiation when asked directly about the process by the moderator.

Irradiated foods will be clearly labelled so that consumers can make an informed choice. Irradiated foods and radioactivity There is a common misconception that irradiated food is radioactive.

An introduction to using irradiation to make food safer for consumers
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Using irradiation to make food safer for consumers