A report on socrates view of democracy

Plato's Critique Of Democracy: The Equality of Unequals

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Criticism of democracy

Report abuse. Transcript of Aristotle and Plato's View on Democracy. Ancient Greek Philosophy: Aristotle and Plato's Views on Politics Plato: An Anti-Democratic Republic Aristotle: 3 Political systems 3 Classes of the State Guardians (Rulers) Soliders Producers ruled by reason ruled by courage ruled by appetite are are are has are are are "I.

Comparing Plato 's And Socrates ' Arguments Of Life And The View Of The Athenian Democracy Words | 9 Pages Republic has been one of the most historically and intellectually influential basis of many political theories and philosophical approaches since its first appearance.

Its powerful advocacy of the examined life and its condemnation of Athenian democracy have made it one of the central documents of Western thought and culture. It is unlikely to have been intended as a report of one of Socrates’ conversations.

Page 1 of 12 View All Media (5 Images and 2 Videos) Media. (Plato and Xenophon also wrote separate accounts, each entitled Apology of Socrates, of Socrates’ trial.) Most scholars, however, do not believe that every Socratic discourse of Xenophon and Plato was intended as a historical report of what the real Socrates said, word-for-word, on some occasion.

Stone wrote "The Trial of Socrates" to explore why, in the enlightened democracy of Athens, which valued free speech, the city's most prominent philosopher was put on trial and, eventually. Socrates openly taught that the principal fault of democracy was that it did not require proof of special knowledge in its leaders, that it surrendered the direction of the people’s destinies to men without adequate experience in government, and that on the question of the morality of justice of a policy it treated the opinions of all citizens as equal in value.

A report on socrates view of democracy
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